Hospital Projects & Management

Hospital Projects & Management

We provide comprehensive solutions

Providing evidence-based hospital plans and management systems tailored made as per clients requirements and budget.

Evidence-based Facility Planning, Designing & Development

ALTIDO provides evidence based hospital planning, design, and development services. We utilize our years of hospital design and operational experience to assist with development of new healthcare facilities, redesigns, and workflow optimization immersed in a logical, actionable approach. Our team can assist you in the planning process, help you avoid common pitfalls and setbacks, and develop facility solutions that are forward thinking, yet practical, cost-effective, and evidence-based.
Our hospital planners and medical advisors have developed more than 10 million square feet of built-up area exclusively for hospitals. Our team includes former provider-side executives and clinical leaders who bring the depth of their experience to partner with healthcare providers and architects in all aspects of the pre-design phase of the construction process. We help evaluate your current state, considering a variety of internal and external factors, such as the impact of healthcare reform, industry and technology trends, and strategic direction. We focus on developing a framework for systematically realizing your future state.

ALTIDO offers development of world class patient centric hospitals with state of art infrastructure and technology to deliver world-class healthcare facility with a service focus, by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge and medical education.

ALTIDO’s recommendations and architectural features would conform to;
  • Setting up of new hospital as per Green Building norms
  • Development of the hospital as a hub for medical excellence for surrounding geographical areas.
  • Regulation of traffic flow of patients, staff, visitors and doctors within and outside the hospital, Entry of emergency, OPD, cafeteria / kitchen, emergency and building services distinct and separate for easy movement of patient, visitors, doctors and staff.
  • Identification of zones for clinical, non-clinical, services, soft functions and critical areas.
  • Placement of building blocks as per functional relationship.
  • Proper and optimal space utilization and adequate treatment facilities.
  • Signage, accessibility and circulation friendly for the blind/physically challenged.
  • Colour coded interiors, signage and wall pointers for guidance and ease of way finding.

Project Management Consulting

Prior to initial construction, ALTIDO will work with the architect and construction team to assure that the project proceeds efficiently and reaches stipulated construction timeframe. ALTIDO develops a Detail Room-wise Execution Plan in order to work with the architects to assure each room is appropriately equipped with medical gases, electrical needs and other room necessities for both clinical and diagnostic areas.
The main objective in providing the project management services is to develop, monitor, direct and successfully complete the project to the client’s satisfaction. ALTIDO shall use latest techniques of project management for planning, scheduling, tracking, and controlling the project at various stages, thereby ensuring quality at every level and optimal utilisation of resources allocated to the project. ALTIDO will also have a system in place for preventing time and cost overruns.

Equipment Planning, Procurement & Installation Commissioning

ALTIDO provides assistance in equipment planning and procurement for the hospital projects, this involves an entire gamut of activities, from creating the exhaustive list of various categories of equipment and instruments required for the project, collecting catalogues from leading manufacturers, providing a comprehensive budget, equipment placement, footprints and profiles, to the architectural drawings, to specifying power requirements and much more.

Pre-Operations and Commissioning

ALTIDO will carry the manpower planning as per the service and facility mix of the hospital and will staff key individuals at the appropriate time of the project’s development. During this phase ALTIDO will recruit/train department managers and support staff at appropriate intervals while being judicious and cost-effective. In addition HR Manual, Employee Policies and Procedures, Handbooks, Salary and Benefit Structure and Job Descriptions will be developed.
A major focus will also include the recruitment of physicians and specialists in accordance with the hospital’s anticipated services lines and related needs. In order to ensure the hospital promotes an environment conducive to practicing quality care ALTIDO will work with the quality team to establish a Quality Monitoring plan. In addition, ALTIDO will prepare the Standard Operating Procedures and Protocol that is to be accomplished in the facility while addressing the need for maintaining accountability of results.
ALTIDO will develop the Hospital Operating Policies and Procedures, as well as its Charge Description Manager and billing processes. Additionally, ALTIDO will implement Financial Controls/Processes, Pricing Strategy and contract with potential insurance/TPAs, private employers and government entities to provide healthcare services while assuring prompt payments and enhancing the hospital’s cash flow. ALTIDO works directly with the owners/developers and construction manager to assure that all legal permits are obtained to initiate hospital operations.
ALTIDO will also selected an appropriate Hospital Information System for the hospital and oversee its implementation.
ALTIDO will provide legal assistance to develop contract documents for outsourced agencies and will take part in negotiations and process development for their functioning.