Hospital Operations & Management

Hospital Operations & Management

We provide comprehensive solutions

ALTIDO has developed a lead management system to take-over the operations of running hospitals seeking revenue growth, enter new markets or up grade their existing service lines.

Hospital Operations & Management

Your operations must be integrated with your strategy and financial performance and run at peak performance in order to achieve these objectives and survive in value-based world. However, Hospital operations management and healthcare systems are dynamic, complex organizations with many interdependent functions, which makes this ever more challenging. As we move into this new era of healthcare, there will be winners and losers – are your hospital operations poised to ensure you succeed?
Our team of experienced hospital management consultants, clinical experts, and business experts and systems improvement consultants has a strong experience of improvement works in rural, urban, and public hospitals, medical colleges, and healthcare systems. Through a range of Hospital operations management services, we can help you address pressures now and position you to manage your services and resources going forward. This includes assessing and improving operations and reducing costs to support cash flows and synchronized care delivery models.

Branding & Business Development

The growth trajectory is under incessant pressure. Increasing competition owing to new entrants and increased intensity by the existing players is one such factor. Add to that the pressures on pricing by customers, insurance companies, etc. Other factors that impede growth include rising costs [technology and manpower], attrition of doctors and staff, operational bottlenecks.
This calls for an organized intervention, preferably by a neutral expert. The role of the expert would both be advisory and supportive.
ALTIDO will bring a panel of experienced professionals comprising healthcare & hospital management consultants, senior nursing professionals, corporate trainers, total quality hospital management consultants, six sigma experts, hospital administrators, branding and marketing experts, and strategists who have extensive experience in driving strategies for hospital turnarounds, training & orientation, skill development and overall capacity building of the hospital for internal branding and brand visibility. The marketing and sales team shall bring in expertise in campaigning, awareness programs and revenue generations with steady growth & increase the walk-in footfall for immediate cash flows.

Capacity Building - Training & Skill Development

ALTIDO comes with a team of highly professional and certified trainers exclusively for healthcare industry having extensive experience in various hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical colleges and other academic institutes.
As an integral part to ALOM and Branding & BD, ALTIDO provide Capacity Building to enhance the existing skills of the hospital to be in the competition and retain best employees.
Entire staff including and not limited to the marketing team will be given extensive training and orientation to achieve the goals laid down by the management for the fiscal year. The other operation staff for example front office, billing, management etc. shall be given training on manners, telephone etiquettes, follow-up of patients, feedback system implementation and analysis and various methods to solve the day to day operational tribulations.