Healthcare Digitalization

Healthcare Digital Transformation

A journey towards smart healthcare: The impact of digitalization on customers and end-users

Healthcare digitalization is going through an unprecedented transformation. Most of the patients and clients are searching through digital channels, solutions to their health problems. With our scientific approach of conducting feasibility study allows you to have detailed, comprehensive and transparent analysis of your projected business in Digitalization.
The study will provide genuine results for you to make informed business decisions. Healthcare digitization has changed the way we look at healthcare in many ways. Focus has always been a convenience of the patients and end users. In this case the end users are primarily Clinicians and Para medical staff.
Top healthcare consulting firms are under pressure to reduce the costs and improve process efficiency & outcomes along with patient satisfaction. They have been implementing a number of solutions and the digital projects every year to optimise the system.
Digitalization will help you achieve the following objectives
  • Clinician and Patient engagement
  • Liaising to the digital platforms
  • Digitize the processes and the assets
  • Data driven approach to generate Artificial Intelligence insights
  • Become Paperless and Errorless
  • Patient data privacy
Altido Healthcare specialises in Healthcare Digitalization and enables the followings
  • Healthcare Product Research
  • Problem statement
  • Smart Device Feasibility Study
  • Creation of Business Plan for a new product
Comprehensive Research/ Business Plan in the following area-
  • Smart medical devices analysis
  • Medical devices RFI/RFP to vendor
  • Procurement of Smart medical devices
  • Provide guidance on Smart hospitalization vision and strategy
  • Roadmap healthcare digital transformation
  • mHealthcare
  • Regulations
  • Modernize existing healthcare Infrastructure
  • Data driven healthcare Reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Advising electronic patient record
  • ISO standard based medical devices assessment
  • Smart Medical devices risk assessment and help customers in contractual agreement with medical service providers as per Customer Company and state policy e.g. device is registered or not etc.
  • Smart Medical devices quality management
  • Smart Medical devices certifications
  • Medical devices purchase agreement
  • License ,contract renewal
  • Software purchase agreement
  • GDPR & HIPPA complaint
  • Case study wearable devices